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        With the number of board games currently on the market, we know it can be overwhelming trying to choose which one to play next! Whether you're an avid board gamer, newly introduced to board games or are looking for a unique gift for someone else, there's something for everyone within our large collection of games.

        Below, we've reviewed some of our favourite board games for both kids and the young at heart. For even more recommendations, have a look through our board games catalogue at the bottom of this page. Alternatively, pop into one of our stores and our staff will be more than happy to help you choose from all the board games we have to offer! 




        Ages: 5+

        Farmini is a charming table top card game designed to introduce little ones to the strategy game genre.

        In the world of Farmini, each player owns a farm which is rather run down. However, a competition has been announced with a reward for the farmer with the most animals and cornfields!

        Using random cards collected each turn, players must collect as many animals they can while also building fences around them to protect them from wolves. If an animal is not protected when the wolves come out, the animal is lost! The winner is the player with the most animals and cornfields at the end of the game.

        Players: 1-4 


        The Genius Square


        Ages: 6+

        The Genius Square is a unique puzzle game designed to test players' problem solving skills (and sometimes their patience!)

        The game is simple; each player receives a board, 9 coloured shapes and 7 'blocker' pieces. Each player first rolls 7 dice together and places the blocker pieces in the slots corresponding with the numbers on the die.

        Then the race is on! Players race each other to try and fill the rest of the grid with their coloured pieces before their opponent. Some solutions are easy, while others can leave you baffled. No matter how impossible a solution may seem however, there is always a solution to the Genius Square!

        Players: 1-2 


        Detective Charlie


        Ages: 7+

        Detective Charlie is an adorable game of problem solving, deduction and teamwork.

        Stepping into the shoes of Charlie, players must solve the mysterious going-ons that have been happening across town. Who's been sending parcels to all the wrong animals? And which critter is responsible for dyeing the beach red?

        Throughout the game, players slowly learn bits of information from suspects which help them piece together whodunnit. Detective Charlie features 6 different cases of increasing difficulty.

        Players: 2-4


        Magic Maze


        Ages: 8+

        Magic Maze is an exciting game of cooperation and hilarious shenanigans.

        Meet the game's 4 heroes; daring, adventurous and... missing all of their adventure gear. Down on their luck, they decide their only way forward is to steal some from the local shopping mall. The only catch is the mall is full of fantasy-themed traps!

        The aim of the game is to complete the heist before the provided sand timer runs out. However, players can't communicate with each other! To succeed, players will need to silently work together in order to make it out of the mall with their goods in hand.

        Designed to be played solo or with a group of up to 8 friends, Magic Maze is a great addition to a child's game shelf.

        Players: 1-8



        Here to Slay


        Ages: 14+

        Here To Slay is a table top role-playing card game which is equal parts adorable and cutthroat!

        Players choose from a number of lovable character cards, each with a class-specific advantage that can be used throughout the game. To win the game, players must collect companion cards from all 6 classes or slay 3 monsters.

        However, winning is not as easy as it sounds! Players cards are visible at all times, and your friends will do everything they can to sabotage your chances. You may win the game, but whether or not your friendship survives afterwards is a different story!

        Expansion also available.

        Players: 2-6


        Cards Against Humanity


        Ages: 17+


        Cards Against Humanity is the ultimate game for horrible people. Now a staple at parties and game nights everywhere, this game truly brings out the worst in all of us in hilarious fashion.

        Each round, one player will read out a black card with a harmless statement which is missing a word. The rest of the group must pick the funniest card they can find from the white cards in their hand. The black card is then read out with each of the chosen words substituted in, often with hilarious (and horrible) results!

        The best card combination wins the black card, and the person with the most black cards by the end of the game is a truly terrible person.

        Players: 4-30




        Ages: 18+

        Monikers is a hilarious party game best described as a mix of trivia, charades and silliness.

        Players split into teams and must choose from a number of different cards ranging from historical figures, random words, fictional characters and memes. Once the cards are chosen, one member of each team attempts to convey what's on the card while the rest of the team guesses.

        Each round progressively becomes more difficult as players are restricted to one worded hints, then absolute silence. What starts off as a player describing the planet Uranus quickly devolves into that same player frantically pointing at their butt!

        Expansions also available.

        Players: 4-20


        For more board game suggestions, have a flip through our board games catalogue below!